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I would like to thank Pam Weeks and Tisa Rennau for contacting me and their support and encouragement, and their hard work in creating The Quilted Canvas II exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum

Unless otherwise indicated in the gallery notes, the quilt images are the work of George Bouret, POB 93, West Pawlet, Vermont 05775.

Snapshots and portraits by Susan D. Hoffman and Wm. Dennis Horn.

The random quotes on the "About" page are from "Molly Upton's Letter Home," and from Susan's reminiscences.

"From the Pair Collection to the Kornblee Gallery" is taken from Susan's account of the early days of establishing quilting as an art form worthy of a Manhattan Art Gallery.

"Molly Upton's Letter Home" courtesy of Mrs. Rusty Upton

Design and programming are the work of Wm. Dennis Horn: horn@clarkson.edu

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